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Best Game Room Games for a Pandemic

With most of the country trapped inside trying to navigate the pandemic through shut-downs and social distancing measures, we're spending more time with our families than ever before.

The liquor cabinet is low and the kids are probably on your last nerve and who can blame them? No school, no friends, rarely leaving the house –we’re all going a little stir-crazy.

Sure, these times are uncertain and stressful but also a great opportunity to spend valuable time with the ones you love. A great way to escape the pressures of the world with your family is to engage in some fun and friendly competitive game play! So here are our Best Games for a Pandemic to keep you and your family healthy, safe and entertained!

Big Buck Hunter: RELOADED! Arcade Game

It’s always good to keep your hunting skills sharp and Big Buck Hunter arcade game is the perfect way to do just that – plus kill some zombies! After 20 pump-action-shotgun-filled years, RAW Thrills is releasing the next installment of Big Buck Hunter: BIG BUCK HUNTER: RELOADED!

Now you and your family can have even MORE hunting and target shooting fun! The new entry into the Big Buck Series features new hunts (Zombie Deer), new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns – including In Case of Monsters: Lost Island and Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission! With a more user-friendly game interface and a mouth-watering new cabinet design, this game is sure to turn heads and create hours of virtual hunting entertainment!

The classic arcade shooting game is the industry standard in gun arcade games and a great video arcade game for kids and adults alike! Blast through round after exciting round as you play solo or with up to 4 players in head-to-head hunting action.

In classic hunting mode players pick their animal of choice to shoot and then the hunt is on! Each stage has multiple bull targets that you need to hit but watch out! Female animals (cows) will run in front of the bulls causing you to accidentally kill them. Each bull killed is awarded points for your accuracy and you advance to the next round of hunting.

After each round players are treated to fun and silly bonus games that include shooting cows in alien space ships, blasting volcanic rock out of the sky from an erupting volcano, pumping lead into pesky kitchen cockroaches and many more! Everyone loves the bonus rounds, so there’s even an option to play only bonus rounds if you’re feeling more like target practice than hunting!

The durable and attractive arcade game pedestal sports awesome new Big Buck Hunter: RELOADED! graphics on 3 sides and features two pump-action shotguns for raining bullets on your favorite prey of choice, weather that’s trophy bucks or alien cows.

Great for the living room, hunting cabin, man cave or she-shed, Big Buck Hunter: RELOADED! has units made for both your home and commercial venues. With the Big Buck Hunter home units the game can be set to free-play with no mandatory online subscriptions, so you can enjoy the thrill of Big Buck Hunter: RELOADED! anywhere.

With its insane realism (without being too graphic for the kiddos), excellent game play, fast action and over-the-top bonus games, Big Buck Hunter: RELOADED! is the perfect game for you and your family to grow closer as you shoot the ever-living snot out of everything that moves during this pandemic.

Arcade Legends 3

What’s more fun than one classic arcade game? How about over 150 arcade classics in one beautiful multicade arcade gaming cabinet?

Well that’s exactly what you get when you make the excellent decision of purchasing a brand new Arcade Legends 3 with gamepackmulticade gaming arcade cabinet from Game Room Guys!

Multicade cabinets are a fantastic option for fans of the retro old school arcade games that don’t want 20 arcade game cabinets in their house with a never-ending list of issues to fix. No, with our multicade units you get a brand new arcade game cabinet jam-packed with fully licensed video games- so they look and play just like you remember them.

Arcade Legends 3 is one solidly built full-sized arcade cabinet that houses all of your arcade favorites like 1942, Arkanoid, Gorf, Moon Patrol, Root Beer Tapper, Satan’s Hollow and dozens more! The game is always on free-play so no quarters to deal with and everyone can play until you kick them off for beating your high score.

With real, commercial-grade arcade controls and a crystal clear 26” LCD game monitor your family can see you dominate all the games you grew up playing.

A great way to re-live old memories and create great new ones with your friends and family during the pandemic, Arcade Legends 3 is the perfect option for the family of video game lovers!

Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Maybe you’ve been working from home the last few weeks. Trying to adjust and balance home life and work life as you sit on conference calls and check your email 2,000 times per day. When the work day is done, the last thing you want to do is stare at a screen for another few hours, right? Yeah, me neither!

Let’s unplug, grip a cold beverage, grab a ping pong paddle racket and start serving, smashing, twirling and twiddling!

Unfolding a ping pong table is like unfolding an afternoon of fun for you and your family. With many tables having the ability to fold in half for solo practice or accommodate up to 4 players, a ping pong table is a great way to get your blood pumping, your mind working and your family playing!

With a simple rule set and basic game play that almost anyone can learn, ping pong is the perfect game for the entire family. Kids and teenagers love the fast-paced, almost out-of-control (totally out of control?), serve ‘n’ smash game play, while older participants will enjoy strategizing their volley and honing their ball and racket control.

Ping Pong tables like the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket Ping Pong Table Tennis Table(56987) or the Killerspin MyT4 BluPocket Ping Pong Table Tennis Table(56079) are perfect middle-of-the-road units that will fit your budget but not skimp on quality or craftsmanship. For those who might enjoy the upper echelon of ping pong the California House Atherton Table Tennis Ping Pong Table(63150) is perfect for the discerning table tennis enthusiast and also doubles as an elegant dining table.

As mentioned previously some of the ping pong tables like the Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket Ping Pong Table Tennis Table we offer fold up for convenient storage options. This is a great feature for those of us with limited space or multifunctional rooms.

If you’re looking to unplug and use your entire mind and body while you relax and unwind with your loved ones, a quality ping pong table from Game Room Guys is exactly what you need!

Foosball Tables

Yet another great way to unplug and escape from the quarantine, stuck-at-home blues is with an old game room favorite: Foosball!

If you’ve never played a foosball table you’ve definitely have at least seen one like the Shelti Pro Foos II or the Shelti Foos 200 foosball table in a bar, college dorm or family game room. Foosball isn’t the latest trend and it probably won’t make you an Instagram influencer, but it will provide you with countless hours of hand-eye coordinated family fun!

Foosball tables are a great addition to your home if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, small footprint, up to four-player game that appeals to all ages and walks of life. An absolute blast for every member of the family - the little ones can spin the rods and watch the ball ricochet around the playfield while the older players might have a more focused, controlled, if not slightly louder, game.

The complete absence of electricity and total reliance on one’s reflexes and ball handling skill brings your game room back to basics and will challenge and entertain everyone in your house until they can leave and socialize with other people again...someday...maybe...

Pinball Machines

Do you like the physical nature of some bar games like pool/billards, darts, foosball etc. but also crave the flashing lights, digital sounds and technological advances of more modern game room games? A new pinball machine from Game Room Guys might be the happy medium you were looking for!

Pinball machines have come a long way since their birth in the early 1930s with digital LCD displays, LED lights illuminating the colorful playfields and computers controlling the machines and functions.

A new pinball machine like Stern Pinball’s Jurassic Park Pinball is the perfect example of the old school physical smashing of the silver ball mixed with dazzling light shows, crazy interactive game videos displayed beautifully on the LCD display and game play mechanics that wouldn’t be possible without today’s technology. Kids love the dinosaur theme while it’s a great pinball for adults with its 90’s nostalgia. Several multiball modes and challenging gameplay make for a rip roaring pinball experience!

Another great example of old fun meets new tech is Stern Pinball’s Stranger Things pinball machine, based on the incredibly popular Netflix television series Stranger Things. Using the familiar theme, fans of the show are drawn in by the concept and then given missions that follow the storyline making for a more immersive game playing experience.

Featuring a molded ‘Demogorgan’ toy that needs to be smashed by the ball to be defeated and an awesome drop-down ramp that unveils the monster, players have to skillfully hit drop targets, ramps and spinners to unlock game modes and advance. Stranger Things pinball (LE and Premium Editions) also features a projector that projects video and images from the TV show onto various parts of the playfield, for a mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind effect!

Another first is the Upside Down feature that happens at random during game play. When the Upside Down mode engages, most of the game lights black out and there are custom Stern Stranger Things Pinball UV lights you can purchase that will illuminate your playfield's UV reactive paint! The hidden graphics mimic the Upside Down scenes from the television show and take this machine to a whole new level of fun!

New for 2020 is Stern Pinball's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball! Join Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo as they fight to save New York City from villains like Shredder and the Krang.

With a franchise that spans more than 3 decades this pinball is sure to entertain everyone from the adults, who grew-up with the cartoon, to the kids who are just learning how much cartoon turtles love pizza.

The pinball machine cabinets feature eye-popping, hand-drawn art in vivid colors that make this machine standout in any game room and looks great, even when not being played. The outrageous playfield is full of fun features like 3 flippers, 3 high speed ramps, a hidden ninja training ball lock area and a high speed magnetic spinning pizza disc, capable of throwing 3 balls during pizza multiball mayhem! Custom video scenes and the original 1987 theme music will spark childhood memories and treat players to some crazy Ninja Turtle pinball action!

The Premium and LE models feature an interactive custom scuplted Turtles Van, equipped to lock up to 4 balls inside and unleash them onto the playfield in a multiball fury via an opening and closing van sidedoor. The Premium Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball and LE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball models will also feature a TMNT Glider that utilizes the flippers to let players divert the ball to the ramp of their choice and a crazy Krang toy that taunts players over the pop bumpers!

Like we said, a pinball machine is a great combination of simple old school physics with the dazzle of today’s technology housed in themed machines that will excite the old pinball fans as well as make new fans from the younger members of your household.

Dartboards and Darts

The classic pub game of darts is a staple in many home game rooms and is a great option that is both family and budget friendly!

With dozens of games to choose from, a dartboard can provide hours of good clean wholesome fun with little set up and a relatively low investment. A good old fashioned classic dartboard like the Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard(14269) or the Viper Razorback Bristle Dartboard(14272) are great dartboards that are easy to set up and require no electricity, so you can play anywhere! These are great for the garage, basement, shed, backyard or wherever there’s a spot to hang a dartboard and have a good time! Many dart games can accommodate more than 4 players making darts great for a bigger household.

Electronic dartboards take the task of scoring and adding your totals out of the equation, making for a completely stress-free pub game experience. Many electronic dartboards are bilingual and will feature dozens of dart games and dart game rules to learn and play.

The Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard(14262) is a great electronic dartboard for those who might just being getting into the hobby while something like the Shelti Eye 2 Electronic Dart Board(2829) is perfect for the more serious dart players. With a wide range of price points and differing options like dartboard cabinets and dart board accessories, there’s literally no end to the options one has when choosing a dartboard. So just see what fits your home and family best and start throwing!

Every family is having to live life a little differently these days and there's never been a better time to escape with some fun and games! Ease the tensions of the pandemic and bring your family closer together with a fun new game from Game Room Guys today!

Game Room Guys carries all of the exciting and fun games we just mentioned PLUS all of the game room accessories and parts you need to keep your good times going! Weather it’s Skee Ball Games, Air Hockey Table Games, Arcade Video Games, Redemption Games, Shuffleboards, Pool Tables or anything else game-room-related, we’ve got what you’re looking for! That’s why when it comes to all your game room needs, we’re the guys!


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