Safe Cracker Arcade Redemption Game


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Safe Cracker

Safe Cracker will have your guests putting forth their best criminal effort to crack the safe and get at the tantalizingly displayed prizes inside the game. Safe Cracker is a merchandiser machine that is made to display prizes prominently inside and automatically award them to successful safe crackers. Packaged in a large steel cabinet with textured black finish that simulates antique iron safes of old, this game looks great and is sure to be a hit at any location. LED lights illuminate the inside of the machine, attracting attention and highlighting the awesome prizes inside. LCD display, above center-right prize shelf, displays a how-to in attract mode and has a countdown clock along with fun animations during gameplay. Top of the machine boasts a large sign and flashing red strobe-light to simulate a police car and draws even more attention. Players simply hold down the button to start the game and keep it down as the prize disc rotates.  The player determines when to release the button to engage one of the seven targets that correspond to a numbered prize shelf. The disc stops immediately when the button is released, giving your player complete control. Seven adjustable and spacious shelves will fit a large assortment of prizes, and a highly secure interior prevents theft.  Each shelf has a maximum size of 10” W x 7” D- with height varying from 8” to 12”, depending on the shelf location in the machine. Operators can adjust game time from 10 to 60 seconds. 

Dimensions: 40.3″ W x 37” D x 91.7” H
Specifications below:
Length: 40.5
Width: 37
Height: 92
Weight (lbs.): 770
Coin Operated?: Coin-Operated Only
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