Pump It Up LX 20th Anniversary Software Upgrade

$3,099.00 to $3,799.00

Product Code: 61962
Condition: New
Brand: Andamiro

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Pump It Up LX 20th Anniversary Software Upgrade

Upgrade your Pump It Up with one of two great new upgrade kits!

Both Kits include:

  • PIU-XX Software
  • Marquee
  • 20 AM.PASS Cards
  • 500 Total Songs – 100 New Songs!
  • Updates Every Two Months – That will include new songs
  • Matchmaking – Which finds other players that match your skill to see how you rank
  • Renewals and Reward Titles

Upgrade 1 Without Main Box (HDD KIT):

This upgrade is for the updated PIU-LX 20th Anniversary software only that is supplied on an HDD. Compatible with Pump It Up LX, Pump It Up CX and Pump It Up TX. * Exception: PIU-FX cabinets already updated to MK9 boxes may be compatible with “upgrade without main box.” Please call with any questions.*

Upgrade 2 With Main Box (MK9 Computer):
This upgrade comes with Andamiro’s Latest Pump It Up computer consisting of an Intel Celeron processor, RAM and NVIDIA GeForce Graphics board. Compatible with the Pump It Up FX.

**Earlier PIU versions featured SD (standard-def) monitors, and PIU-XX does not support SD. However, some older machines, especially the SX, GX and DX models, were upgraded with HD (high-def) monitors and/or MK9 boxes, and these may likely support PIU-XX software; updating these cabinets will need to be addressed case-by-case. Please contact us with any questions you may have.**

Specifications below:
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