Namco Pac-Man's Pixel Bash Pub Bistro Table with (4) 30" Stools


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Namco Pac-Man's Pixel Bash Pub Bistro Table with (4) 30" Stools

A great package for any Pac-Man fan! 
Namco Pac-Man's Pixel Bash Pub Bistro Table
The next level of classic arcade fun for friends & family entertainment. The brand new Pacman’s Pixel Bash Bistro is perfect for any home, entertainment center or restaurant. With a new sleek design and durable tempered glass top, everyone is sure to enjoy it when they get their chance to play. The Pac-Man's Pixel Bash Bistro is always set to free play, so no need for quarters or tokens.
With 32 officially-licensed classic games, relive the glory days of the arcade in your own home. Gather around with friends and family to experience the look, sounds and feel you can only get with the real thing. Share old memories with friends and family and make new ones for years to come! 
Play these great titles all in one cabinet: Bosconian, Dig Dug, Dragon Spirit, Galaga, Galaga 88, Galaxion, Mappy, PACMAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Rally-X, Rolling Thunder, Xevious, Baraduke,, Dragon Buster, DigDug II, Tower of Druaga, Gaplus, Grobda, Hopping Mappy, King & Balloon, Metro-Cross, Motos, New Rally-X, Pac & Pal, PAC-MAN Plus, Rompers, Skykid, Skykid Deluxe, Splatterhouse, Super PAC-MAN, Super Xevious.

Shipping: 36" W x 36" L x 48" H, 190 lbs.
Assembled: 30" W x 32" L x 39" H, 185 lbs.
(4) 30" Pac Man Swivel Arcade Game Barstools

Eye-catching 30" tall Pacman bar stool features upholstery with the game screen printed on it. Featuring the ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Sue, there's no better seat in the house for some great throwback arcade action! 
LICENSED ARTWORK: Pac Man game screen is printed on the seat
DOUBLE RING CHROME CONSTRUCTION: 30" Tall and extremely sturdy
SWIVEL SEAT: The seat swivels 360 degrees.  It is functional and fashionable.
PLAY IN COMFORT: Perfect seat height for Stand Up arcade games
RUBBER FEET PROTECTORS: Keeps your floors looking like new
A must-have for any game room!
Specifications below:
Weight (lbs.): 245
# of Players: 1-2
Coin Operated?: Free Play Only
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