2013 Stern AC/DC Luci Pinball Premium Pinball Maintenance Kit


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2013 Stern AC/DC Luci Pinball Premium Pinball Maintenance Kit

(4) 3/16" Black Bumper Post Ring
(3) 5/16" Black Rubber Ring
(1) 3/8" Black Rubber Ring
(3) 3/4" Black Rubber Ring
(1) 1" Black Rubber Ring
(1) 1-1/4" Black Rubber Ring
(1) 1-1/2" Black Rubber Ring
(2) 2-1/2" Black Rubber Ring
(1) 2-3/4" Black Rubber Ring
(17) 7/16" Black Mini Post Rubber
(1) Black Shooter Tip
(2) 1-1/2" x 1/2" Red Flipper Rubber
(7) Small Black Grommet for Pinball and Arcade Machines
(4) Black Rubber Grommet - Pinball and Arcade Games
(2) 1/2" x 1" Red Flipper Rubber
(2) Stern Sega New Style Pinball Flipper Rebuild Kit
(4) 1 Steel 1 1/16th" Pinball Ball
(2) Yellow Flipper Bat 3" Sega/Data East/Stern
(2) Stern Pinball Small Flipper Yellow 515-6275-06
(3) Pop Bumper Shield - Pinball Playfield
(2) 4-1/2" Mylar Shield - Slingshot Pinball
(1) .75" Pinball Machine Spring - Barrel Ball Shooter Outer
(1) Compression Ball Shooter Spring .038 - Orange

Premium Pinball Maintenance Kit

The perfect kit to get your pinball playing and looking like new again! Each Game Room Guys Premium Maintenance Kit comes with all of the playfield rubber rings to replace worn and dirty rings on your pinball playfield.

The new barrel and shooter springs will get your ball launching onto the playfield with all the gusto and speed as the day you brought it home.

Included in each kit is a bottle of Game Room Guys Playfield wax cleaner to polish and clean your playfield to its original luster! The playfield wax also works great for cleaning pop bumper caps and various playfield plastics!

A full set of balls is included with each kit. (Number of pinballs in kit is machine specific.)

The protective pop bumper Mylar will protect your playfield. This plastic mylar will appear perfectly clear once it is removed from it's paper backing.

Flipper Rebuild kit will get your flippers working like new!
Specifications below:
Weight (lbs.): 3.3
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